Cooler Than Street Fashion

by Cool as a Double Freaking Rainbow

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released March 5, 2013

Special thanks to:
Michael, for taking pictures and filming
Andy, for vocal contributions
Ethan Simpson, for additional guitars
Members of Bless and Defy And Go Ask Alice
And a very special thanks to Joey Mohler, for
listening to our demo and telling us it was catchy.

Black Hare’s never gonna read this…



all rights reserved


Cool as a Double Freaking Rainbow Mc Minnville, Oregon

We make music. Or something like that.

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Track Name: Miracle Savior
I still remember the pain like it was yesterday
Still remember the fire stop running away
Light it up like a match 'cause I roll with a bet
I'm not running away nobody ever did say

I still remember the fire that you left on my doorstep
I remember the pain that's yours
And it's a miracle savior all your rotten behavior
it's respected like knives in your throat

It's still the talk about flares 'cause I'm through giving dares
Maybe you should've left but it's the thought I respect
Now I'm stuck in the storm we tile over and mourn
We sit without anything and I'm already to bring

War Dance

I still remember the pain 'cause I've been over the plains
And I don't know where to turn it's a coincidence now
I don't know where I've gone
Track Name: McKenzie Terry
I broke my chicken egg
The colors wrapped around me
My God my God
Slippy slidy
My strings are oily
That dancing unicorn is
A fraud a fraud
Like the italians

I want to eat lots of cookies and planets and
woah woah woah woah
I am so happy like mushrooms and apples and
War war war war

I like juicy fruit
Crayons are magnetizing
The bees the bees
Check out these pliers
I tie my shoelaces
Anarchy pizza
The box the box
It doesn't matter
Track Name: Rice In A Bowl Full Of Rice
We choke on all our words
but we still say something to break the tension
You're caught up in yourself
and it isn't worth getting your attention

You never truly looked inside but you have it figured out
And I know something's wrong
I'm not inhuman, just an estimate mistaken in a crowd
Just wait 'till it's all gone

I pray for one last dream but words won't help me sleep at night
So I salute a cloth and wonder how we're bred to lie

We have lost hope
We will choose to stay
We have lost hope
We'll be back today
Track Name: Tanzania
I carry my own body
I'm here solely for reaction
There's a method for my madness
I call it self destruction

My eyes are dark as midnight
It's like this only never
And I'm not going to wake up
I wanna sleep forever

I dance around the fire
I yell just so you can here me
I'm never going to wake up
Can you believe that I'm still dreaming
Track Name: Gunpowder
Je vous hait, Ik hast dich, te odio, I hate you
Gunpowder gunpowder gunpowder everybody's talkin bout it
Gunpowder gunpowder gunpowder everybody's dyin for it
Track Name: The Cat Song
Your shade of blue is a tragedy
You're not the same as you used to be
We're all alike yet you've changed so much
You couldn't grasp what we all have touched

I never knew what to write
Never knew what to say
You never helped me
So this is where I'll stay

Waiting alone I sit quietly
Cold peering eyes hanging over me
Crowds being formed in a depressing glare
I'm trying hard, trying not to care
Track Name: Maroon Tooth (ft. Ethan Simpson)
Got a waste of room and there's nowhere else
We're drowning in a sea of forgotten memories
Nothing but us to keep us sane and
We'll regret everything that we've ever written

Something catchy about anarchy
Something angry something fierce
You can tell that we're not happy
'Cause our voices sound quite pissed

Gotta jump gotta jump in a sea of water
There's nothing else that out minds can comprehend
Circling in a pool of broken dreams
And at the bottom is a poor old failure

But who cares not me
Track Name: 96 BPM
Fight Gorge And Win

I'm lost I am alone just
Like everyone else in the world
I don't have to be among us
But I need something in the world
I know that the world is changing
But I don't know what you want from me

Surrender me
Every day

I Am Not Yours

I'm lost I am reliant
Like everyone else in the world
I'm passive save for violent
But I need something in this world
And every day is all the same with the damage done
We all start we all stop we all ponder none
I don't know what you want from me